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live videos

The Charlie Daniels Band performing The Devil Went Down To Georgia

Live At Billy Bob's in Fort Worth, TX  Feb. 2015

Marshall Tucker Band 8-10-18
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Setting in with The Marshall Tucker Band performing Can't You See

Clarkston, Michigan on Aug. 10th, 2018

Eyes Of Silver

Rockin' Down The Highway

in the studio

Taking this new Copley guitar for a spin!

Tracking some live drums for the first time since forever ago.


This is a short clip of a live performance of Sissy Strut by The Funky Meters from Shannon's

June 16th Tuesday night Facebook livestream 

This is a short clip of a live performance of Mercy, Mercy, Mercy from Shannon's

June 23rd Tuesday night Facebook livestream 

In this video, Shannon gives you a sneak peek into his process of creating tracks for

song writers & independent artists saving them hundreds of dollars

Shreddage 3 Stratus demo

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