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STAR CITY LIVE! is a new live-streaming series that showcase singers, song writers & other artists located in

beautiful, Roanoke, Virginia & surrounding areas. It debuted on July 6th, 2022 & is currently available to watch on

YouTube & Facebook. At this time, new streams will go live on the 1st Wednesday of every month.

We are currently working to bring you this as well as other livestreams directly & exclusively on this site. 

All livestreams will be available on Facebook & coming soon to YouTube until further notice.


For now you can check out the first episode below.


Be sure to pick up your copy of Hoppie Vaughan's newest CD, "Who Wrote That"

I was fortunate enough to play on this great body of work. Hoppie is an amazing guitarist, song writer & entertainer.  You will not be disappointed.

Click here to get your copy & to learn more about Hoppie.

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